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Every project and document that we publish is available in our group repository on Github.

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Welcome to HTACG

Founded on 2015-January-15, the HTML Tidy Advocacy Community Group (“HTACG”) is the development group now responsible for the continued support, development, and evolution of HTML Tidy, the venerable command line application and library that cleans, diagnoses, and pretty-prints your HTML.

Since its early development and release by Dave Raggett, HTML Tidy has matured and become the de facto, go-to tool for HTML diagnosis and pretty printing. HTACG is charged with ensuring its continued legacy.

Please feel free to join the community and participate in HTACG’s future. You can discover more at our W3C Community Group page.



Where can I get a copy of HTML Tidy?

It’s probable that you already have an outdated version of HTML Tidy. It comes pre-installed on Mac OS X and many distributions of GNU/Linux and other UNIX-type operating systems.

Visit HTML Tidy’s own website or access the source code on our Github repository for more up-to-date versions.

Where can I learn more about HTML Tidy?

Visit HTML Tidy’s own website or access the source code on our Github repository. You can also learn a lot more background on Tidy’s history at and Dave Ragetts’s original page.

How do you pronounce your acronym?

You can pronounce the individual letters in your native language, although it seems easier to pronounce it like “H-Task.”